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Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make Chainmail

"Biodh An Deoch Seo 'N Làimh Mo Rùin"

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"Biodh An Deoch Seo 'N Làimh Mo Rùin"

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aka, "The Drink Would Be in My Love's Hand," aka, "The Song I've Listened to Five or Six Times a Day Since I Found It Last Week"

I think many of you would like it, too. It's in Scottish Gaelic, with slide guitar, regular guitar, fiddle, bouzouki, and whistle -- six degrees of awesome.


English Translation:

Òladh neo na òladh càch i

Whether he or the others were drinking

Biodh i làn aig ceann a' bhùird

There would still be plenty on the table


Chorus (after each verse):

Biodh an deoch seo 'n làimh mo rùin

The drink would be in my love's hand

Deoch slàinte le fear an tùir

Here's a health to the chief

Biodh an deoch seo 'n làimh mo rùin

The drink would be in my love's hand

Chunnacas bàt' air an fhairge

A boat was seen on the waves

'S an làimh dhearg air an stiùir

And the red hand at the helm

Chunnaic mi dol seach' an caol i

I saw it passing through the straits

'S badan fraoich 's an t-slait shiùil

With a clump of heather on the sail-yard

Fhir a chunnaic air an t-sàil i

You who saw her out at sea

Beannaich an long bhàn 's a criùdh'

Bless the fair ship and her crew

Beannaich a cruinn àrd 's a h-acfhuinn

Bless her high masts and her equipment

A cuid acraichean 's a siùil

Her moorings and her sails

Ged a tha mi 'n seo an Colla

Though I am here in Coll

B' e mo thoil a dhol a Rùm

I long to go to Rhum

Agus as a sin a dh' Uibhist

And from there to Uist

Nan d' fhuair mi mo ghuidhe leam

Were I to get my wish

I'm working on learning it, but the subtle differences between reading Irish and Scottish are tripping me up. Oh, well -- I'll just listen to it again!
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